What if I told you there’s a state that has increased education funding by nearly $1.5 billion in the last three years? Or that the same state has led the nation in improvements in fourth and eight grade math and reading since 2009 and opened a teachers academy to help college students graduate debt-free if they teach in state schools. This state is Arizona. There’s much more to do, but Arizona schools are making progress.

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  1. I think apache junction schools should be commended for their improvements. I recently found out that my 16 yr old granddaughter has a 4.6 GPA. I didn’t even know there was anything above A 4.0 and she has only attended apache Jct schools all of her life so they must be doing something right. She has also been in cheerleading since kindergarden and as a freshman was put on tge varsity cheer team. Presently they are doing fund raisers to come up with the money to go to Las Vegas for some major competition there. I think its the nationals as I believe they just won the regionals. My other granddaughter particioates in softball and her team also received some big award this year too. I hear about a lot of positive things regarding the A J school district when I’m around my son’s family. I think my granddaughter would be a Great person for your organization to interview regarding this subject about how the schools have improved. Her name is Megan Wagner and we are extremely proud of all her accomplishments already in life. Someday soon she will have a very impressive resume. I graduated myself from apache Jct and I never knew of us having students that intekkigent back in my day. Like i said ibdidnt knoe you coukd get higher than a 4.0 so the schools must be doing something right as well as her parents are too. They stay very active in their children’s lives and that makes a big difference too i think. Way to go Arizona your on your way to even more improvements and having smarter students and im sure we will be having an abundance of great teachers if it’s going to let them go to college for teaching and can get out debt free that’s just totally great incentive bravo whoever came up with that program too. Well thatsvebough bragging i guess thanks for listening to me.
    Judy Hogsett

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