Gov. Doug Ducey on Tuesday announced a plan he says would “reverse Recession-era cuts” to Arizona school funding and help settle a $1 billion lawsuit over a decade of cuts to school capital funding.

Surrounded by more than 50 Arizona school superintendents, Ducey said his budget this year will include $100 million in “permanent” and “flexible” school capital funding. He promised to continue to increase that capital funding until it reaches $371 million by 2023.

The plan would be to distribute that money to schools via the so-called District and Charter Additional Assistance funding, which goes toward expenses such as school building construction and renovation, textbooks, technology and school buses.

Ducey said his 2019 budget proposal, which is expected to be formally released Friday, would also provide $300 million in additional funding for other areas of K-12. That includes required additional funding for student growth and inflation.

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