10 Facts You May Not Know About Education in Arizona 

  1. When Arizona voters passed Prop 123 in 2016, we committed an additional $3.5 billion over ten years to education funding in Arizona – more than $350 million each year. As a result, state spending for education is up more than 10% over the last three years alone.
  2. Arizona is among the nation’s leaders when it comes to letting parents select the right school for their children. Nearly 1 in 2 students across Maricopa County attend a school other than the one to which they were assigned based on their home address, according to data from Yale University researchers and the Center for Student Achievement.
  3. Arizona leads the country in improvement in NAEP testing scores in math, English, and science since 2009. The National Assessment of Educational Progress – also known as the “national report card” — is considered the gold standard in measuring student progress, and Arizona is improving better than every other state in the country over a sustained period of time.
  4. Arizona recently created “Teacher Academies” at our state universities.
 College students who go into a career in teaching after graduation and teach in Arizona will have their college tuition paid for by the state and will graduate debt‐free.
  5. Five of the top seven public high schools in America are located here in Arizona, according to US News & World Report – in Scottsdale, Tucson, Oro Valley, Peoria, and Chandler.
  6. Chandler and Peoria school districts were recently named among the top 10 school districts in America where students are learning more and learning faster. Students there show more than 5 years of educational growth between 3rd and 8th grades – 5.8 years of learning for Chandler students, and 5.6 years for Peoria.
  7. Arizona gives families more choices about where to send their children to school. Currently ESAs are available only to children with disabilities, students from foster families, military families, poorly-performing school districts, and schools on tribal land. A law expanding ESAs to all families in Arizona is on hold pending voter approval in the November 2018 election.
  8. Arizona was the first state in the nation to require all students to pass an American civics test before graduating from high school. This ensures our high school students know the same information necessary to pass the test to become a U.S. citizen.
  9. Measured as a group, Arizona charter students score as well as students from the highest-achieving states in the country.
  10. According to audits and public reports, 53% of money spent on K-12 education in Arizona makes it to the classroom. The remainder goes to administration, overhead, transportation, and other items.